When I retired from my long time career as a wedding photographer + planner my passions shifted to decorating and design.  I knew the driving force behind my desire to create would easily translate into home decor and sewing. Born out of a need to make breezy, flowly, dresses that fit my 5’8 plus sized frame, my sewing hobby started in my tiny one bedroom apartment.

In 2011 I began making luxury custom phone cases for my closest friends. Eventually I decided to sell them online. Since then I’ve graduated to offering handmade pillows + selling carefully curated home decor items including mid century modern furniture.

I now own and operate a small Etsy shop called Label Noir. I look forward to a foray into designing and sewing custom bedding, investing in my interior decorating business, and offering my very own line of home furnishings one day.

So, welcome to my diary of diy’s, decorating, sewing, musings, and more! I hope to inspire you create your own little slice of heaven every day at home.

Join me on my journey of ever-changing home decor, hand-sewn fashion, and style!