There is a passion for hunting something deeply implanted in the human breast.
Charles Dickens

There’s been SO much happening and not SEW much happening over these last few weeks; Although I did manage to sew up an incredibly fabulous pair of artdeco sequin pillows with a velvet back and used some scrap velvet on another to create a color blocked knockout!  And I can’t forget the pale grey and blush floral numbers that adorn by sofa at the moment.  But I swear I’m behind schedule!

I spruced up my Instagram and FB business pages which included making my Insta public [yikes– that was scary] and gained over 1600 new FB page likes and over 100 new followers.  Trust me you may think these numbers seem low but to me it’s more than I’ve ever had!

My poor cactus plants have gone home to be with the Lord and so has my grass.  I bought some lovely ornamental cabbage and new cacti for the planters  along with creating a faux succulent wreath for the front door.

I paired down my bedroom decor [more about that later] and started reading an interior design book on simplicity.  I’m back into making candles but this time in all manner of crystal and cut-glass bowls to up the ante on my home decor.

I lost another phone.  YES… Another one.  And that makes #4.  I’ve broken enough phones to last me a lifetime.  That also means I lost EVERY photo I’d saved of my adventures etc. BUMMER

And finally today I finished building the frames for two 4ft by 8ft canvas that will adorn the north wall of my dining room.  Here’s a few ideas I’m kicking around for the artwork:

1da4f8447a37aa7f9403186f642c722915-06-white-cream-textured-abstract-art_P198f720c6a6d0c554d83af7ff3ade5185221be569ce0e59ada5d28022eb6cfd96a-stitch-in-time1 (1)fa8c69bfd421ddd55fa41523c5c96d21fc627c503eba64e7b4cd112926f1c53dgiclee-abstract-gray-and-cream-print

What do you think?  I’m partial to the mixed media with eggshells and the 3rd from last.  The pink just gives me the tingles.  I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Until Later




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