A cunning woman is her own mistress because she confides in no one. She who deceives others anticipates deceit, and guards herself.

Ninon de L’Enclos

Yes, that does sound dramatic. Like a bad TV show. But I rather like the nickname I’ve given myself. It’s quite fitting if you ask me. Huntress. Hunter of bargains more like it.

Today was supposed to be a regular day to clean the house and rest. I’d ordered pizza and decided to pop into the dollar store while I waited for my order.

And $24 bucks later my gut told me to check the Goodwill which was only 2 doors down.

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

As soon as I looked to my left I saw the gold and cream ginger jar and swooped over quickly as there a woman in the isle touching a vase next to it. Plunk! In the cart it went. Then next was a miniature bust. After that I found a vintage chinoiserie plant pot. Then a carved boat like wood tray. Next some trinket I cannot describe. Followed by an entire set of vintage smoky quartz colored [the actual colorway name is Tawny] Libbey glasses. Then an amethyst colored set!

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

After that I moved to the art section to find a huge mirror that I think I will paint matte black. And it was then that I stumbled upon a kamali wood serving bowl, a walnut one, a set of wood salad bowls, and the salad servers.

2016-11-27 07.03.52 1.jpg

2016-11-27 07.03.51 1.jpg

Today was a great day for hunting down vintage finds and eating cold pizza. Yea I spent so much time in there my pizza was cold by the time I picked it up.

Now I’m home relaxing, finally.  I unpacked the 2 boxes of glassware and set them in a soapy bleach bath to degunk and rid them of that stale smell old housewares get.

2016-11-27 07.03.50 1.jpg

2016-11-27 07.03.49 1.jpg

I wiped down the Kamali wood bowl and rubbed it down with oil to bring out the grain. Did I mention today was a good day?

2016-11-27 07.03.47 1.jpg

Until later,




Life lesson number 76542923543:

Eat the pizza before you shop.

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