As much as I may dislike the term “Plus Size”, it is something I haven’t been able to escape for most of my life.  Being a larger woman in general– 5’8 and over– it can be difficult to find dresses long enough, shoes in my size of 10 are harder to find in all the cute styles, and clothes to fit my ample frame are few and far in between.

That’s exactly why sewing grabbed my attention.  To be able to dress well– despite the lack of options for a woman my height and size.

I just came back from a week long vacation to Punta Cana among other cities in the Dominican Republic and was pretty pleased with how preparing my wardrobe ahead of time helped make my trip easy peazy.

So here’s my top 5 Travel Essentials for the Plus Size Traveler and a few options below that mesh killer style with comfort!

1. All Knit Everything.  Yes, it’s as simple as it sounds. From dresses to cardigans, yoga pants, and even swim cover ups! Not only will knits help you breathe easy and allow more air to reach your body, but you have far more ease in your clothing for after dinner!  Add to that you being able to skip out on ironing and still have a wrinkle free week– well that my dears is the closest thing you will get to magic.

2. Rubber Flip Flops.  Yikes– that was my initial reaction to rubber flip flops too.  I hate Flip flops in general because they make that annoying sound. But- and this is a big but- they serve a major purpose.  When I went into the countryside in an off-roading Bouggie adventure tour [unlike me, yes] they came in handy.  It was awesome and amazing but NOT the place for shoes that cannot be hosed off.  The rubber version of the shoe won’t absorb as much moisture, has a better spring for your step, and helps fight ankle/lower back fatigue.  Add to that they are a breeze for the beach + pool and you can easily see why they make the final cut.

3. Rolling Luggage. If you’re anything like me, having large breasts can hurt your back and aggravate your muscles something serious.  I find that carrying large/heavy objects along with my own weight for practically any period of time over 2 damn seconds is too much for me to handle and I ache for hours.  So it’s a MUST that all my luggage roll to keep my mood and body in check.  With an extra 30 pounds of weight on your back and shoulders I’m certain rolling luggage is the definite way to go.

4.Chafing Cream.  Do your thighs rub together?  Well mine do.  And chafing cream will help yours glide into freedom from leg burns and the discomfort that follows. What’s better than thick slick thighs? Let me tell you honey, nothing. Nothing is better.

5. Vitamins. This is literally the most important item in my bag.  I think I’d fall over without them on a daily basis.  Seriously… no, SERIOUSLY.  It makes so much of my trips effortless. Really.  I couldn’t do without it.  Extra energy and focus really helps to combat jetlagg and the additional activities you face.

Check out the links below to grab a few of your own Travel Essentials






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