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Before Hancock Fabrics closed I got 3 1/2 yards of this incredible shibori/tye-dye Jersey with a TON of stretch.  I bought it because I’d had the damnedest time finding a print that I really loved in a long time. Make no mention of the fact the supple texture of the fabric was soft enough to lounge around in.


As I’m writing this I can’t decide whether to cut it into this dress or save it for a nightgown. But who am I kidding?  I don’t wear night clothes!


I just made a modified version of M6884 [my all-time favorite pattern] in a similar print [below]. The fabric is a 4 way stretch– 50% on grain and 25% horizontal– which gives me both comfort and flexibility in movement and the 25% stretch acts as a girdle to smooth and lift in the right places. I added pockets, an additional 20 in to the skirt’s sweep, and a cuff to the sleeves as well as a 4 1/2 in collar/band around the font lapels to the wrap dress. I have a very full bust and there tends to be too little coverage so I added the band and it works out wonderfully.

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Even though the patterns are similar they present very different and will be styled accordingly.  I think I will wear 7160 with a gold belt and wedges.  While 6884 will be worn with heels and statement earrings.

I just cut this pattern for the second time in the size 14 and hope to take advantage of ease. I’m researching the best way to finish the neckline and wonder if I will have enough to do a completely self-lined bodice.  The self-lined approach for this dress worked out fantastic and I enjoyed the smoothness it gave the dress.  I also have an ITY at home that I think needs cutting to try “view A” with a contrasting trim as well as a second version of “D” but with 2 separate fabrics for the skirt and bodice.

My inspiration for the trim on the contrast comes from Tinlizzieridesagain a fellow sewist and word-presser.  Her execution of the “A view” of this dress is incredible.  I love the way all three colors come together!  And that extra special sparkle comes from reflective running gear fabric!  How cool is that?


All in all I think all 3 versions will be a welcome addition to my wardrobe since I’ve yet to fully unpack my boxes.

Until later




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