Pure Genius

American drama series

Young Silicon Valley billionaire James Bell is not one to sit idle and wait for things to happen, so building state-of-the-art Bunker Hill Hospital is the natural progression for his interest in treating rare medical conditions. His Chief of Staff Dr. Walter Wallace, a surgeon with a controversial past, leads a team of trailblazers that includes physician Zoe Brock, neurosurgeon Talaikha Channarayapatra, neurologist Scott Strauss, Malik Verlaine — a former gang member who now dedicates his time to monitoring health in poor neighborhoods — and 3-D printer programming expert Angie Cheng.
3. You Must Remember This
Season 1 · Nov 10, 2016
2. It’s Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider Silk Surgery
Season 1 · Nov 3, 2016
1. Pilot
Season 1 · Oct 27, 2016

Oddly enough every review I saw online gave it a terrible assessment.  Called the show “predictable” and even “medical malpractice”.  I vehemently disagree.  Yes, a bit cliche but the melding of technology and creative problem solving caught my attention quickly. [reminded me of the way mysteries play out on Elementary]

Personally I am one to QUICKLY shy away from medical drama’s.  I don’t watch Grey’s Anatomy and didn’t do General Hospital.   I did however watch Proof.  [The recent two-part season finale of freshman Proof served as its series finale as TNT has opted not to proceed with a second season of the supernatural drama starring Jennifer Beals.]  Which gave me something else to chew on besides the basics of med-dram rushing through the halls of the ER to save blah-blah-blah.
For me it was the supernatural element that kept me watching.  The feeling that there was more beyond the fray of this life and the quest to prove it once and for all.
As for Pure Genius, the element of saving the founder of the hospital who, through his own selfish but ultimately redeemable act, is what I suppose will keep me engaged.
2016 CBS Upfront
I hope this show goes on to make it to season 2 as lately I feel many shows have been cut short of their potential while others receive an unfair share of praise and popularity.
I’d love to hear if you caught Pure Genius and what you thought about the show!  As for me I will be tuned in watching next week!
Until Later

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