The whole soul is in the whole body, in the bones and in the veins and in the heart; it is no more present in one part than in another, and it is no less present in one part than in the whole, nor in the whole less than in one part.
-Giordano Bruno

One of the things I love most is Mid Century architecture. The open floor plans, soaring lines, huge floor to ceiling windows, wood paneling [yes, even that]. Just the open airy feel that you get when you walk into one of those homes. If left untouched you can easily see a way to bring it back to its original grandeur with a few easy updates.

Sometimes people make those awful 80’s renovations to the kitchens and baths that in my eyes brings down that value of what was original to the home. But every now and then you see a diamond. Waiting to be cut and polished.

Below are several examples of those diamonds.  If you notice– one below is cut, polished, and set in a beautiful bezel with pave accents stones, lol.

Enjoy and eat your hearts out!

Until later,





 San Antonio, Tx

Phoenix, AZ



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