To be in ‘Vogue’ has to mean something. It’s an endorsement. It’s a validation.
-Anna Wintour

Bay-be.  Have you seen the new Vogue Patterns collection for Fall, Winter, and Holiday? Chile.

Talk about a ready to wear collection for the sewing enthusiast!  I haven’t seen Vogue be this fashion forward in a long while.  This year really marks something special in my eyes. They have merged current silhouettes and trends with home sewing in a relateable way. That’s a tremendous feat.

That jumpsuit!  With the exposed zipper and high turtleneck?!  The exposed back?! What?!!?  That velvet gown?! YASSSSSSS. Look at the details for the faux wrap dress.  The foundation with boning, long sleeves, cutout, bateau neckline, gathered waist, and hook & eye tape.  All of that


My only hindrance– the toughest pill to swallow– is nearly ALL the beautiful patterns are Advanced.  Yes, my novice ass cannot dream of sewing these successfully but one day I might.

Check these out directly on the McCall’s website!


Until later,




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