Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn, and cauldron bubble.
-William Shakespeare

I found her. The perfect match to my circa 1990’s Pierre One faux malachite iron and glass console table.

Processed with VSCO

I think I scoured LetGo and Offer Upper, two popular online garage sale apps, for months looking for another one.  The plan was/ is to turn the consoles into nightstands. The challenge is their size. At 50 inches long one of them is about 7 inches too long to fit along the other side of my bedroom wall. The other side has more room and fits perfectly. [You may be asking why my bed isn’t perfectly centered– that’s all due to the floor plan and making the most of the over the bed lighting!]

But for love you do strange things, right?

After dragging the bahemoth home last night, I resigned myself to pairing both together side by side to fill the wall in the master bedroom retreat area. That way I can get my lamps off the makeshift marble tables and add more artwork to that area eventually.  All because indeed one side of the wall was too short.

Processed with VSCO


BUT, for $50 each they are the perfect option in terms of height and style…even if I never decide to paint them. [ I’ve considered going white, silver, or gold, but the green does not bother me… for now]

Since my plan didn’t come out as dreamed, I’m fine with picking more nightstands. But they must be KILLER after waiting for so long.

I’ve pondered building my own, painting the Ikea Lack console table [below] white [but in all honesty they are too short], or going mirrored.  I just can’t seem to find the right combination.


I wish the Malm Console table was still in production.  I think it would have elevated the space in the retreat.  I’m obviously a sucker for light and airy modern pieces. But a girl’s got to stay under budget!


Until later,





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