“Did you think I’d only want you once? Oh, my, you are more naïve than I thought. Why would I go through so much trouble for a mere tryst? ”
― Nenia Campbell


I have a looming decision to make.  I may seem “meh” to you but to me– it keeps me up at night.  Major eye roll because I sound dramatic but I haven’t been able to sleep in my bedroom for weeks.  WEEKS.  I’ve been in the guest room.

The Master is coming along wonderfully but there is still much to do.  My “wonderful” [sarcasm] neighbor has ALSO neglected to put up curtains– thus we can see into one another’s bedrooms.  Yeah, how would you feel if you had to scurry past the window naked as hell in your own house.  So, I am tasked with putting up and drawing curtains to protect my own sanity.

Why not just put them up you ask?  Firstly, I have a crap ton of windows in my house.  Like 32 or something.  So you do the money math on that.  64 panels that have to be 130 inches or longer depending on the location of the windows.  The 5 in the living room need to be around 140-150 or longer unless I want short ass curtains.
Curtain Works has some snazzy pairs of 144in panels for $79.99 each in a faux silk with grommet tops. Sooooo, for the low low price of only $10,240 I can have enough to actually CLOSE my drapes vs panels for show.  Maybe I can do away with 1/3rd of the panels for the smaller windows and get out for a clean $6900.  STILL A NOPE.

So, that brings me to my actual plan which is to sew my own…. but there’s a problem.  Before I moved I’d found curtain ring clips for CHEAP.  Like 7 to a pack for $1.15.  And I can’t find the box they are in.  Like it’s missing in the battlefield called my garage.  And I’m too cheap to go buy them again for 10x’s the price.  Luckily I already purchased curtain rods and my fabric for a relative steal.  So the curtain clips are the last thing I need to start working.

If you’ve ever made draperies you’d know it’s wise to measure when you have the hardware installed already because every floor isn’t level and my skills at installing rods are sub par. So I must measure thrice and cut once.  And more experienced sewists would advise you to hem the draperies while they are hanging.


BUT, back to the ACTUAL topic of this post: my nightstands.  I am sick to the stomach when I come in the room and see my temporary ones.  Like disgusting.  My budget and desires do not exist in the same relm.  I want mirrored waterfall consoles– a matching pair– adorned with all my lovely thrifty finds.  But I can afford only about $200 for the pair.  Therefore, I must improvise and compromise.


I found these blonde faux wood desks at Target which are the perfect height at 30 inches tall.  The perfect length at 42 inches and 20 inches deep!  Buttttt, the color and metal combo is wrong for me.  I want white, clear, or mirrored.  Black isn’t really where I wanted to go and I didn’t want to introduce another shade of wood to the bedroom other than the bench at the foot of the bed.  These coordinate well but I feel like I should wait to pull the trigger.  That something better suited from Target is around the corner.  I can FEEL it.  But when I look at these more and more– on sale for $79 bucks and feature drawers AND plugs/USB ports– I feel like I should pounce on them for fear I won’t ever find a pair.




I’m no expert but I’ve read my fair share of Pinterest posts about draperies and DIY curtains.  So, I’m close to an expert– wink wink.  Stay tuned to the blog for updates to what my window coverings will end up looking like!

Moral of the story:
Patience is not convenient. But necessary.

Until later




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