“A fine glass vase goes from treasure to trash, the moment it is broken. Fortunately, something else happens to you and me. Pick up your pieces. Then, help me gather mine.” 
― Vera Nazarian

When I purchased my metal canopy bed from I was over the moon and ecstatic to say the least. I fretted for months on end about the color, cost, quality, and construction.  By the time I made my final decision the bed was sold out!  Not a gold frame with Ivory headboard in sight.  I was not happy.

So in my desperation, but ultimately smart choice, I opted for the grey tufted headboard in linen and the champagne gold frame.
It was about 5 in the evening when the bed came via UPS.  The website boasted “doorstep” delivery.  What I got was “driveway” delivery.  So I had to lug a 200lb+ box across the drive, through the front hall, and into the master bedroom.  Talk about a workout.

When I opened the second box my heart sank.  The headboard was ugly.  And it wasn’t just ugly, it looked flimsy, and poorly constructed.  The tufting was shallow.  There were seams.  And the color…. was just God awful.

So what’s a girl to do?  Cover it.  You see; I sew. And not only do I sew– I’m a fabric hoarder/incessant buyer. I’d just purchased 3.5 yards of this incredible iridescent oyster colored woven a few days prior.  As a matter of fact I’d forgotten I’d ordered it, because, well, I order so much fabric.  But there it was; like a stroke of magic.  Sitting on my doorstep the day after I got the bed.  But my decision wasn’t as quick and easy as you’d assume.  I had to mentally part with being able to see this fabric as luxurious pillows every day adorning my sofa.  I had to prepare to relegate my fabric to a permeate position on my headboard.  This was heavy for me.  HEAVY. [yes, I know I sound like a drama queen]
After I got over my temporary heartbreak I had to move on to assembly and cleanup.  It took 3 people to get this bed together.  3 people.  And if it weren’t for the tequila in our cups it would have been hard work putting this behemoth together.

A word of caution or advisement regarding the height of the posts for this bed.  My master bedroom ceiling height is 10 feet and we narrowly escaped hitting the ceiling several times assembling this thing.   Gurd your loins and watch your walls ladies and gents.

Now onto why the post is called Trash to Treasure…. For my laundry room I had the best of Pinterest intentions, but the poorest of planning for the delivery of my washer and dryer.  The illustration below shows someone on Pinterest placing their washer and dryer on a Billy Bookcase laid sideways to substitute for the VERY expensive bases that are sold separately for the machines.  I, in my infinite hoarding wisdom, happened to have an EXTRA one from my recent move and failed attempt at a U-shaped sewing station for my too-small sewing room.
When the delivery guys arrived and advised me that they could not get the machines to sit on the bookcase without tipping forward I was crushed.  Because I knew there was only one solution and it was one that was going to make me upset.  As I alluded to previously in this post– I’m a hoarder.  So, naturally I hold onto or buy thing that seemingly have no use. Except in my head.  I’d picked up a desk top from the As-Is section at IKEA for $5 bucks in the famous black-brown.  It was going to be part of my U-shaped station but that never went down.  So I used it as the headboard in my guest room for the queen sized bed.  It had just enough size and style to elevate the look from college-kid mattress on the floor to modern minimalism chic.

Imagine my chagrin when the delivery men tell me I need something to cover the base and I have the PERFECT thing in the EXACT color– but I rather not give it up.  So that left me sans headboard in the guest room.  Until…. delivery of the KING bed with its own separate box for the headboard– perfectly shaped in height, width, and length to serve in the guest room.

I just had to cover it to hide the fact that it was just a CARDBOARD BOX.  With MORE of my order of fabric and paper packing tape; I carefully wrapped my box and used a pretty fold on the top sides.  After slipping it behind the bed and tidying up the room I think its incredible that this project was FREE-99.  The best part is when I’m ready to invest in a REAL headboard I get to have my fabric back!

The moral of the story:
I’m always looking for the silver lining– in everything.  Even if the silver comes in a cardboard box.

Until later




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