chintz   CHin(t)s/  noun:
printed multicolored cotton fabric with a glazed finish, used especially for curtains and upholstery
“a sofa upholstered in chintz”

Bebe let me tell you.  Have you ever seen a piece of fabric that made you flip?  Jump for joy?  Nearly tear your hair out in delight?
But when I saw the price… yuck.  I just couldn’t pull the trigger.  Well, not as quickly as I wanted to. Have I explained to you yet that I am “frugal”?  Or shall I say “particular & peculiar with how I spend my funds?”
Within the last couple of months I made a double down promise to myself that I would invest in my business– I sell pillows by the way.  And I’d invest heavily in different higher-end fabrics to create lush and plush pillows.  I even created a duvet for my new king bed that’s so soft and heavenly… but I digress.
So, this brings me full circle to my point.  I’ve spent a few hundred bucks RECENTLY to beef up my offerings and sewing my little heart out to boot. I also had to pay a pretty penny to repair my sewing machine.  And after I’d made a SOFT commitment to NOT buy any more fabric  [I say soft because I knew that if the price was right I’d snag a stellar deal.] I found what you see pictured below.
 lotus lake fabric by waverly
I’m surfing the web late one night and stumble upon this Lotus Lake fab fabric in the first colorway pictured above by Waverly.
… and I fall hard in love.  I scroll down a bit on the website and see the “related items”… and there’s this colorway:
lotus late chintz waverly fabric
… and my heart flutters.  I can’t take it.  Why does it have to be soooo pretty?  And at this moment I know I am doomed.  Doomed to buy MORE fabric after my soft promise to stop.
You have to understand this is like someone telling their best friend that they will stop smoking.  A promise to myself broken.  How could I?  But I promised!  And I tell myself in a whisper at 1 am, “it was a soft commitment– this is too beautiful to pass on!”  Then I saw the price at nearly $20 a yard, I quickly turned off my phone, threw it to the other side of my bed, and took my ass to sleep.
It was 2 days later that I bought not only the 2 colorways above but also splurged on the Turquoise one below as well.
lotus late chintz fabric by waverly
See, the problem with a fabric addiction is this:  You always want more.  And what you have is never enough.  Because you can’t possibly have ALL the fabric in the world and you can justify additional uses for more.
As I was gathering the images to include in this post I happened upon another colorway in pink and lost my shit.  See below:
I refuse to buy it.  I swear.  Because after saying the 4 yards of Waverly would be the last, I lucked up on a KILLER sale and spent another $50 on MORE fabric.  And I’m running out of room to tell you the truth.
I guess I need to sell more pillows to fix my problem.

Moral of the story:
A soft promise is worse than a soft ass but both will leave you in a world of hurt.

Until later




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