“It is the city of mirrors, the city of mirages, at once solid and liquid, at once air and stone.”
Erica Jong

Before I moved into my house; I’d been a collector. [I think I was a collector in a past life I…. Ok, you say hoarder, I say collector– tomato-toMA-toe. ] Because I knew in my heart of hearts I wanted a gold mirror wall.  A place to showcase my would be collection.  For my obsession with “collecting” things I blame my parents.

I’d been collecting mirrors from various stores like Home Goods, TjMaxx, Target, Hobby Lobby, and Tuesday Morning for months before I moved. My black + gold metal urchins came from Target and of course were on sale.

So, here’s where the torrid story begins.

UN-Planning the Wall:
Here’s where things got tricky– since I didn’t plan it at all.  As I stood in front of the wall, stark in its blank state, I picked up my drill, gave it ONE focal point nail and went from there. I knew which mirror I wanted to be “the center of attention” and used that as my “map” if you will.

This is where I realized I’d fucked up. I stood at that wall for days on end… walking past it…. peering at it from different angles. Trying to make each revision of the wall work… to no avail. I literally think it took me 3-4 weeks to rearrange the “puzzle pieces” of this thing I thought would be a good idea.
It wasn’t until there was a sale at Hobby Lobby where I picked up these beauties [see photo below] that my vision came full circle.


To me, I think they were the perfect compliment to the other mirrors I’d purchased. If you look closely, only one of the additional pieces is actually a mirror. And even though that was not my initial intention I think it worked out best because it creates variation and depth where there was none beforehand.

After a few trips up and down the ladder I was impressed with myself but still couldn’t imagine where to place the remaining urchins. Insert cluster fuck. Yep, lol, I said it and I did it. Wedged those little suckers in there as best as I could and put the darn ladder in the closet.

For now I consider myself finished with the wall. I appreciate the asymmetrical shape and negative spaces as it allows me breathing room.

The entire process of moving has helped me appreciate a more minimalist approach to decorating as opposed to the maximalist attitude I’ve adopted over the years. [cough hoarding]

My new home is pretty sparse in most of its rooms YET, I love it in every way. Large paintings dominate the focal points in each space.  While velvet and pearlized fabrics abound.  Fur, shibori linens, pattern, print, black & white art in modern frames, plus FLOWERS [mostly orchids] encroach upon every corner.

As the weeks go by my next projects will focus on more custom bedding, sewing my first window draperies, making new pillows, organizing stockpiles for my Etsy store Label Noir, unpacking the remaining boxes in my garage [so I can park in it again], installing floating shelves in my master closet for my shoes, FINALLY having my other chandeliers installed [more about that heinous story later], framing my supersized artwork, planting my cactus garden in the backyard, building a floating deck, and settling into my first home.

I hope you join me on this journey of finding and reinventing my style as I document my thoughts and challenges for the world to see [even if no one reads this thing besides me].

The moral of the story:
“When in doubt– go shopping.”

Until later




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