You’re a mess, I confess, I despise you in the best kind of way.
–Coco J. Ginger


I did it. It was like Chinese torture putting together the Ikea Vittsjo shelf. But I did it. And I was proud of myself.

The screws didn’t fit, my drill was too big, I scratched the Shelf  all the way down to the metal, the box was heavy, and barely fit in the car. I put a few portions of it together backwards. And I broke a sweat.

It was the best of times… it was the worst of them too.

The price is undeniable. The clean lines are too. I kinda like it but now I think I regret it because it’s still “plain”.  Of course everything seems plain when I keep eyeballing brass MCM shelves like these:

There isn’t a stuffed animal I wouldn’t skin for this shelf… not a single one.

But alas I bought and am stuck with the vittsjo. Plane, but modern, Jane. I keep kicking around the idea of using marble contact paper on the top and bottom shelf or perhaps even using a metallic contact paper on the bottom portion of the glass shelves to tint them a funky copper color. But I may be resigned to putting this thing in the garage to use as display or inventory shelving.

Wish me the best of luck with this one because I’m going to need it.

The moral of the story:
“Because after all a disaster in decorating becomes a miracle in organizing.”

Ps. My 8×8 ft painting is a PITA and I have ZERO ideas on how to fix it. This is the second time painting over it. I’m at a loss. Help…

Until later




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