Beware of him that is slow to anger; for when it is long coming, it is the stronger when it comes, and the longer kept. Abused patience turns to fury.
-Francis Quarles

Hell hath no fury like a DECLINED international transaction… I wasted 3 hours of my life this week trying to buy the “Petra” Kylie Minogue Bedding Set from House of Fraser with my Bank of America Credit card- and naturally I’m upset.

Sometime last year I stumbled upon the Kylie Minogue Home collection while looking for “sequin bedding” on Google.  I needed examples of how to create my own and BAM!  I got hit in the face with the beauty of her bedding suites.  Adorned with sequins and beautiful trimming– I couldn’t help myself.  I had to have them– had to collect them all. Like Pokemon.

After a long conversation with God about how I know I didn’t need more sheets and comforters but how much I loved it and wanted it I came to the decision to pull the trigger.

You ever wanted something so bad you’d go through hell alot to get it? This is what I went through to get this damn duvet set. So here’s the long story.  Kick your feet up and dive in.

I logged on to the House of Fraser to purchase this lovely Duvet after looking at it lovingly for WEEKS and attempting to tamp down my desire for it as it is truly a WANT not a need. Proceeded to check out with all the items in my cart that took an hour to decide on and calculate the pound to dollar conversion. Hit the “pay now” button and:

Here’s the shit list list of issues:

  1. Got a declined notification– so I tried again.
  2. Then order confirmation via email.
  3. Call from the fraud dept.
  4. Text from the fraud dept.
  5. Email from the fraud dept. [all asking the same thing]
  6. Received confirmation of the order again.
  7. Email that it was being dispatched to my address.
  8. Got the shipping confirmation from DHL.
  9. Email from Fraser saying I was refunded for part of the order.
  10. Placed an order with Seymour’s Home of London for what was missing from the list of items Fraser said they were not shipping.
  11. Got confirmation of order from Seymour’s.
  12. Got email saying Seymour’s transaction was DECLINED.
  13. Got call from fraud dept.
  14. Got text from fraud dept.
  15. Got email from fraud.
  16. I was told that I’d need to place the order again.
  17. Confirmed cancellation with Seymour’s.
  18. Chatted customer service at House of Fraser.
  19. Got credit for 10 pounds.
  20. Placed order with House of Fraser [again].
  21. Got DECLINED.
  22. Called Bank of America.
  23. Waited for 15 min.
  24. Talked to an agent.
  25. Got put on hold for 35 min.
  26. Tried the transaction again.
  27. Got declined.
  28. Tried twice more.
  29. Declined.
  30. Chatted HOF.
  31. Called BOA back.
  32. Hold again for 50 min.
  33. Transaction went through.

So, if it isn’t one thing with both these companies it’s another.  Both blame the other for the repeated FAILED/DECLINED transactions and the PAYPAL feature on their site didn’t not allow me to make a purchase either.  I was at my end!  E N D!

Getting disconnected from the Fraud Department and put in que for another 50 mins [added to the first 35 mins I spent last night, and additional 30 mins this morning] only exacerbated my frustration.  Add that to the fact that they charged an International transaction fee [seriously] and you could feel the heat coming from my body.

No joke that’s what I went through.  Now you may be asking WTF does this bedding set she ordered look like for all this trouble.  Well, here she is in all her glory.  Get ready.  Gird your loins.

kylie minogue petra bedding stiletto and stitch

Now here’s my issue with House of Fraser: At no point did I get an email saying part of the order was unable to be shipped, or that there was an issue with my shipment.  Nope.  Only an email saying they were going to refund me £156 when my order was £220!  It took another 48 hours for the additional money to be returned.

What I do know is [say it aloud– while clapping your hands– one clap for each syllable] I better BETTER love this bedding set when I finally get it.  It better sing me to sleep.  It better shine like a Rihanna diamond.  It better glow in the moonlight and reverse my aging process.  It better speak to my ancestors and journey me across continents at night while I sleep. It better bring me love and happiness a-la- Al Green style. It BETTER.

Stay tuned for the review.  Trust it will be the real deal.  I’m so ready to make up my bed with this set it’s ridiculous.  And prove to you I lived to tell the tale.

But for now just drool over what I’m getting in the mail:
kylie minogue petra bedding stiletto and stitchI_232621559_00_20160406

Until later




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